The Ocean Springs Art Association


A Brief History

     A small group of artists met in the fall of 1971 and formed the Ocean Springs Art Association (OSAA) to promote friendship and good fellowship among those persons involved in the visual arts.  The incorporating members were Eldon Holmquist, Deanna Grosscup, Harry Reeks, and Denise Wilson.  What began as a small group of collective thoughts and ideas fueled passion in the arts and spread rapidly throughout the neighboring communities.  Membership in the association steadily grew with like-minded individuals having an interest in the accomplishment of the purposes of the organization – to create an atmosphere in which creative people may develop and further their artistic abilities; to assist professional and non-professional artists in exhibiting their work in a dignified and professional manner; and to provide a program of continuing education and experimentation leading to individual discovery and truly personal expressions.

     In 1978, local artist and OSAA member Klara Koock approached Betty Godwin-Walker, then director of the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce, with an idea of having a local arts and crafts festival. The chamber embraced the idea and approached the Anderson family of artists.  Margaret Anderson, daughter-in-law of Peter Anderson came on board and became the driving force behind the festival which was named the Peter Anderson Festival in 1984. This festival and OSAA’s Fall Exhibit and Sale (now known as p’ARTake) have continued to grow.  One weekend of p’ARTake runs in conjunction with the Peter Anderson Festival every year. 



The following have served as President of OSAA:  Hanneke Gast 1972 & 73; Eldon Holmquist 1974 &75; Norma Seward 1976; Isabelle Roberts 1977; Anita Stover 1978; Mark Watson 1979; Klara Koock 1980; Betty Magee 1981 & 82; Hubert St. Onge 1983; Ethel Montgomery 1984; Suzanne Weidie 1985; Vernon Reinike 1986; Bless Rusk 1987; Flora Jackson 1988; Judy MacInnis 1988; Betty Magee 1989; Kristin Byrd 1990; Mary Hardy 1991; Annette Blocker 1992; Lisa Segarra 1993; Patt Odom 1994; Judy & Robert MacInnis 1995; Joan Armstrong 1996, Jan Bailey 1997; Betty Magee 1998 & 99; Helen Bullock 2000; Phyllis Cosentina 2001; Patt Odom 2002; Anita Gallagher 2003 & 04; Toni McCleave 2005; Dr. Bob Carter 2006; Ellen Ellis Lee 2007; Carole Marie Stuart 2008, 09, & 10, Cindy Lamb 2011, Carole Marie Stuart 2012; Carole Marie Stuart & Kathy Tosh 2013 & 14; Carole Marie Stuart 2015 & 16; Monique Greathouse 2017 & 18; Vicki Reynolds 2019, 20, 21, and 22; Jeff Baldock 2023.


OSAA 2023 Board of Directors

Jeff Baldock, President; Vicki Reynolds, Past President; Steve Crocker, Vice President; Sonya Pickens, Treasurer; Dr. Phillip Leven, Recording Secretary; Rick Fortenberry, Parliamentarian; Dr. Gail Cheney, Show Chair; Sylvia Bosco; Leslie Derrick; Vielsa Harding; Christy Hatcher; Dos Hetrick; Lucy Hetrick; Annita Johnson; Betty Mc Craney; Lawrence McGown; Rhonda Rigby; Sandra Schiffner; Suzanne Schneidau; Tim Schneidau; Carole Marie Stuart; Ben Thomas


Ocean Springs Art Association is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Organization.