All work must be professionally presented, free from known defects and in good taste. Glass or Plexiglas must be used when framing ink, Conte, charcoal, watercolor or similar mediums on paper. Canvasses less than 1½ inches must be framed. Check inside for additional rules.

The sizes are: First entry: no larger than 40” in any direction, including frame. The second entry may be no
more than 36” in any direction.

Weight limits: 150 lbs. (for any artwork over 50 lbs., artist is responsible for placement of artwork during the setup and closing of the show by means of rubber wheels). Height is limited to 6 feet and width/depth to 24 inches. Multiple art pieces of a cohesive unit work, to be sold as one unit, may be exhibited. 3D art will be accepted if it fits in a 16 inch square surface footprint of a pedestal. (Key point is the unit must be cohesive) Example: Teapot with cups and tray.

OSAA fees for all artwork sold equals 10%, which includes the tax and administration fee. For example, in a
sale of $100, the OSAA fee is $10 and the payment to artist is $90. Exhibit entry fee is $45 for 1 or 2 entries per person plus yearly OSAA membership dues of $25 (individuals) or $35 (couples).

Purchase Patrons and Award/OSAA Show Sponsors may buy art during the first two hours of the Opening
Reception before the exhibition opens to the general public. No other sales may be negotiated before 5 pm
Opening night. The artists receive the full amount of the purchase awards and other sales less the 10% fee. All purchases MUST be paid in full the day of purchase. Art sales prices must remain as listed during the length of the show.

Adult members 18 years or older in good standing of the Ocean Springs Art Association who live in one of the
six southern counties, including those who have moved away from the six southern counties but have
continued to pay membership dues, may enter. Non-members who live in Jackson, Hancock, Harrison, Pearl
River, Stone or George counties may join as members the day of registration and enter.

Registration is the Sunday prior to Opening night from 10 am to 3 pm at the Ocean Springs Community Center,
512 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Additional copies of the prospectus are available at the
Art House and the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, online at www.oceanspringsartassociation.org, or by
sending a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request to OSAA P.O. Box 136, Ocean Springs, MS


1. Payment includes $45 for 1 or 2 entries per person, plus paid OSAA membership dues for the current year;
$25 (individuals) or $35 (couples).

2. All work entered must be for sale. The artist’s name, address, and phone number, plus the title of the work, medium, and price must be printed legibly on a provided label and placed on the back lower-left corner of the work. (As viewed from the back.)

3. Work must be ORIGINAL and signed, completely executed by the individual artist, and must have been
completed within the past two years. Work created entirely by computer (i.e., computer-generated art) will
not be accepted. Posters and copies of original work, regardless of the methods used to print the copy, will
not be accepted. Numbered editions of any media will not be accepted. Photographs printed on either
traditional light-sensitive paper or inkjet prints on canvas, cotton rag, matte or glossy photographic papers will be accepted. Gallery-wrapped canvases must be mounted on stretcher frame with a minimum depth of
1½ inches; staples or tacks must not be visible. Any entity from another source must be changed from its
original context. Any work produced from widely published photographs, advertisements, art books, other
artists’ work, commercial or mass-produced molds or patterns, novelty and/or decorative crafts or kits such
as stitchery, mosaic work, china or tole painting will not be accepted.

4. Work which has previously been entered in the OSAA Fine Art Show will not be accepted.

5. Entries must be in good taste. Work that does not comply with the standards of the exhibition or the
organization will not be accepted. In all questions, the final decision will be made by the SHOW RULES
AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE. Any work judged to be a copy will be removed and any awards recalled.

6. Size restrictions: First entry can be no larger than 40 inches in any dimension, including frame. Second
entry can be no larger than 36 inches in any dimension, including frame. All entries must be dry, securely
framed and wired for hanging. Saw-toothhooks or unimounts are NOT acceptable. Gallery-wrapped
canvases must be painted on all sides and a minimum of 1½ inches thick; staples or tacks must not be
visible. 3D work weight limit is 150 pounds with the same size limits as outlined on opposite side of page.
No electric illumination or movement is permitted.

7. Artists must pick up work on Saturday at the close of the show, between 4 pm and 6 pm, or Sunday,
between 12 pm and 3 pm. Artists unable to pick up work must make arrangements. All unclaimed work
becomes the property of OSAA.

8. Check oceanspringsartassociation.org for Annual p’Artake Fall Show Dates and Forms. LIABILITY All reasonable care will be exercised in the handling of art work, but neither the OSAA nor the City of Ocean Springs can assume responsibility should any damage or loss occur. All work is entered at the sole risk of the artist. SUBMISSION OF WORK CONSTITUTES AGREEMENT BY THE ARTIST TO ALL CONDITIONS HEREIN. NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED.

Printable Prospectus (PDF)

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Past Events

The Ocean Springs Art Association is pleased to announce their 44th Annual Fall Exhibit

October 30-November 14th 2015

Ocean Springs Community Center