The Mary C

The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center of Arts and Education offers hands-on classes, lectures, and films. Ocean Springs Art Association members have been honored as the Culinary Arts Café’s first exhibitors, including Mae Dillon, Gerrol Benigno, Patt Odom, Norma Seward, Susie Ranager, Susan Shepherd, Jasmine Henson, Mark Daynes and Jean Sparkes.

The IP Culinary Arts Café


The Juried Committee that makes the selections is composed of a panel of well-known local artists well-versed in multiple mediums, who have committed to jury art for the Mary C. for the next two years. They cover a variety of mediums that encompass Glass, Wood, Metal, Jewelry, Pottery, Sculpture, Paper, Textiles, Painting (Oil, Watercolor, Acrylics), Pastels, Drawing, Mixed Media, Assemblages, Photography (digital & film), and more.

Criteria are rated from a composite scoring system of all the juried members over a one-week process evaluating photos of artwork, submitted via email.

More Info

The Culinary Arts Cafe has been discontinued by the Mary C. At this time the Mary C. is operating an art gift shop in its place. Artists may apply at the Mary C. for consideration to place items in the gift shop.